Monthly Post Collection: August 2015

Experience of Interns at CWC

Being part and parcel of Childcare and Wellness Clinics (CWC), even for three weeks is everything. Undergoing my internship in this organization was worth it and very promising.

CWC is everything medicine stands for, the infrastructure is segmented into various sections that ease clusters and improve efficiency. When you walk in through the front door, you already feel comfortable as the surrounding is very neat and is constantly being cleaned. Children are rather comfortable and relaxed here at Childcare because of the child-friendly decor and toys they could occupy themselves with.

The staff, honestly the staff are truly wonderful. During my internship, I worked in the Lab and the Nurses’ station and the staff there assisted me as I was incorporated into the hospitals’ mode of operation. The Lab technicians and scientist were ever so steadfast in what they did, even as they taught me how to carry out finger pricks, check the full blood count, malaria parasites and widal (typhoid) tests and all the principles involved. I also learned how to carry out urinalysis.

Moreover, I was transferred to the Nurses’ Station and my co-intern was transferred to the Lab. However, it took us a while to adjust, as every section here from the Front Desk to the Dispensary has its own unique mode of operation, like an organ, but still functions together as an overall system. The Nurses at the station are so skilled and very intelligent. They are very confident in the way they oversee their jobs and the patients. Here I learnt how to take vital signs and I also learned about immunizations, how to dispense drugs, how and where to give injections. I even learnt how to use the sphymomanometer to check blood pressure. I finalized my internship in the Nurses’ station. The knowledge I gained from the Lab and the Nurses’ Station is bound to stay with me for life.

Working here, I also got to work with the Doctors who all displayed a high level of will power and technique. If I was to give a general comment on the staff, I would say that the staff here do not act like employees, rather they act like siblings under the same CWC family. Every staff member here plays an active role in the betterment of the hospital. Everything at CWC is so composed and shows a higher caliber of intelligence, technique, integrity and good statement.

Penultimately, Childcare and Wellness Clinics is a very remarkable hospital. I would make it my duty to direct invalids to a hospital like CWC where they would receive adequate treatment and sound care and attention. Childcare and Wellness Clinics is one of the few hospitals I have been to with a lot of protocol. Protocols that keep the efficiency running perfectly. It is a highly esteemed organization being led by well-focused and determined leaders and an effective management.

In conclusion, as my internship here at CWC ends it brings me grief as I really enjoyed my stay here and I look forward to working here again any holiday I get a chance to. I can never bend my head in shame but rather beat my chest in pride knowing ‘Yes, I did my internship at Childcare and Wellness Clinics”. I feel very exceptional working as an intern at this reputable hospital and owing to my observations here, I would recommend this hospital to anyone in need of treatment or work. Thank you very much CWC for teaching me a lot of things I am truly grateful.

Nzenwa I.

My experience in Childcare & Wellness Clinics has been to say the least an enlightenment into the world of the medical practitioner and their assistants in providing the top-notch medical care in the country. From my point of view it would be an understatement to say the Clinic is like no other I know.

My expectation of the environment was, due to the country it is in, on of a ‘hostile’ nature but what I saw was a total opposite. A very tranquil place that provides an environment for patients to get better. Where the main objective is to get patients out the door as soon as possible with great efficiency. What gives this Clinic an edge is the communication it has between various departments and also to the patient. I think it gets a gold star in that because patients know they are involved in the process of getting them better and know they would have more confidence in the Doctors when he/she tells them how to get better. I think that is one thing Clinics and hospitals overlook that is very important because without their cooperation and believe that you are trying to make them better there is little chance of improving their condition.

What I have learned here in this clinic I believe will a great factor in how I practice in the future. From the nurses’ station to the pharmacy to the Laboratory I have learned may things that would facilitate my studies. In the nurses’ station, where I spent most of my time, I learned many things from vital signs to manual blood pressure measurement, preparing syringe for inoculation to cannula for IV drip and nebulisation with ipratropium, temperature management for patients with high fever. I also witnessed an umbilical herniorraphy. In the Lab, I learned many Lab techniques like blood group determination, full blood count, and reading genotype results. In all departments I have done lot of documentations.

In conclusion, I would like to say I feel very lucky and privilege to have worked with this ‘family’ because in a sense that is what they are, and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

Ayman I.