A skill acquisition programme was organized by NADI. This was aimed at benefitting the internally displaced women in Borno state who needed a means of sustenance to curtail the hardships they were facing due to the persistent insurgency in the state in recent years. Prior to the skill acquisition, on the 21st of February 2016 a survey /research was conducted on IDP women who were living in the host community of Mairi Kuwait  in Maiduguri, the central capital of Borno State. Application forms were provided for them to furnish NADI Database with their personal details such as name, contact address, phone number and guardians name and phone number. They were given the choice of choosing which skill(s) they would like to learn. The options of the skills were presented to them in the forms of the art of bead making, groundnut oil extraction, traditional cap crafting (sewing and embroidery), soap/air freshener/Toilet disinfectant (izal) making and mat weaving.

The training session was schedule for the 12th of March 2016. The first phase of the training session began with soap/ Air freshener / toilet disinfectant (izal) making. The participants were conveyed from their common meeting point in Mairi Kuwait to the Training Centre at the NADI head office in Lagos Street in two batches. The participants were registered on arrival at the training centre by the NADI Staff at 8:30am which lasted for an hour exactly.

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