Administration Department

The Administrative Department of Childcare and Wellness Clinics, manages and coordinates the activities of the non-clinical support services units so as to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services. It carries out the administrative functions of the Clinic as well as deliberate and implement policies as they affect the Clinic.

Corporate accounts Health insurance claims and Retainers Department

Manages Corporate accounts, Health insurance claims and Retainers

Healthcare Services Department

This is the Human Relations arm of Childcare and Wellness Clinics that controls information of the clinic as it relates to the public and individuals. The Department ensures that patients get the best out of the facility at the shortest time possible, while maintaining the professional public image of the Clinic. Furthermore, it counsels management with regard to policy decisions and courses of action towards creating an impact in society.

Laboratory Department

This Department manages the state of the art laboratory of Childcare and Wellness Clinic which operates at all times. It designs protocols for handling specimen for laboratory investigations as pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. Its sections include microbiology, clinical pathology and haematology

Medical Services Department

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The Medical Service department organizes medical service offering diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventive treatment to patients of Childcare and Wellness Clinics. It controls the protocols used in patient management and administration as well as patient reviews. Made up of excellent medical professionals, the Department is headed by Dr Remi Alege.

Nursing Department

The nursing department is committed to providing competent healthcare to every patient that walks through our doors. Its excellent manpower has seen to the effective clinical management of patients and diseases. Comprising of qualified and certified Nurses the department ensures that protocols regarding the management of patients are carried to the letter.