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Researchers in CWC have partnered with institutions in the country across the world to provide their expertise in qualitative research methodology in answering real life questions about health systems management, impact and sustainability of donor funded interventions, evaluation of multi-county educational interventions and the study of health seeking behaviors in communities of north eastern Nigeria. Below are some of the work that our researchers have been engaged in:

Strengthening local leadership on population and reproductive health (2016-2017): CWC researchers gathered data and participated in producing a report of the retrospective evaluation of the MacArthur Foundation’s Fund for Leadership Development (FLD) in collaboration with the institute of international Education (IIE) and with researchers from India, Mexico and Brazil. The main aim of this evaluation was to provide a retrospective evaluation of the MacArthur fund for Leadership development (FLD), implemented from 1991 to 2013. As part of the evaluation research team members traveled to all the geopolitical zones of the country to interview grantees, interact with their communities, organizations and also beneficiaries of their work. A report was submitted to the foundation to guide in their grant making and future investments.

Transformational Leaders and Social Change: IFP Impacts in Africa and the Middle East (2017-2018): CWC researchers were part of the global research team that studied the impact of the Ford foundation international fellowship fund (IFP) on the recipients, their organizations, communities and the nation. Researchers worked with colleagues from Kenya, South Africa and Palestine.  Below are excerpts from the report as well as a link to the full report. “From 2001 to 2013, IFP provided graduate fellowships to 4,305 emerging social justice leaders in 22 countries, reflecting the Ford Foundation’s focus on promoting social change in the developing world. The foundation provided $420 million in funding resources for IFP, the single largest program commitment in its history. Fellows were selected from marginalized communities that traditionally lacked access to higher education and who had demonstrated academic and leadership potential as well as a commitment to social causes.By investing in these individuals, IFP hypothesized that it had the potential to promote social change on a broad scale

The Informed Decisions for Actions in Maternal and Newborn Health Project (IDEAS): CWC has been partners with researchers from the London School Of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) since 2014. This project aim improve the health and survival of mothers and babies through generating evidence to inform policy and practice in Ethiopia, Nigeria and India.IDEAS uses measurement, learning and evaluation to find out what works, why and how in maternal and newborn health programmes. CWC works in collaboration with a team of researchers with practical field based expertise and tested skills in qualitative and quantitative research implementation cycle, including data quality review, assessment and assurance, research ethics, participatory community interactive research and outreach. The IDEAS brochure provides an overview of the work of the IDEAS team over seven years   “Their own project for their own people” Poster presented at the  HSR project in October 2018

Family Included Global Alliance: staff of the public health division are part of the family included global alliance FIGA.  Childcare and Wellness Clinics is the principal partner of in Nigeria.Family Included is a project which seeks to help actualize the WHO declaration on family inclusive maternal healthcare; it is carried out by Dad. Info which is a UK based information service for fathers that has worked closely with UK maternity and child services for many years, providing them with resources for their own users, both fathers and mother.


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