A cloths drive- by was conducted by the Mandela Washington Fellows and items collected were sent from Kano and Lagos states to the affected areas of Borno state. On Friday, the 11th of December, 2015, Three (3) bags of clothing gathered from the cloths drive-by were received and a total of 74 blankets were bought at the market for distribution to IDPs. The clothes were sorted out on the eve of the distribution and volunteers from the Nur Alkali Development Initiative (NADI) were contacted to participate on the date of distribution. Prior to the visit, the IDPs in the informal settlement were informed of the intended visit through the Councilor of the ward, Mairi ward in the person of Umar Ibrahim.

12th of December 2015 was scheduled for the distribution. On that day, the Mandela Washington Fellows (MWF) in Borno paid a visit to UniGuest Inn by 12:00pm to distribute clothing materials and blankets gathered by other MWF across the country. The UniGuest Inn is an informal settlement housing IDPs with approximately 37 rooms occupied by different families. During the distribution, other Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the host community nearby joined to benefit from the distribution process. The Mandela Washington fellows involved were Amina and Ibrahim and were assisted by staff of the Nur Alkali Development Initiative (NADI) and other acquaintances in the names of Fati Gazali, Alhaji Lawan, Usman Manu, Umar Abdullahi and Usman Ibrahim. They took part in sorting the clothes, planning and organizing the distribution. The items marked for distribution included dresses   for Adult Female (15Pcs) two (2) piece Dresses for Female (21Pcs), Blouses (15Pcs) I piece dresses (7Pcs), Veils (13Pcs), Shirts and trousers (18Pcs), attire for men (4Pcs), Shirts (male) (16Pcs), Curtains (4 sets), Blankets: (74Pcs)


Ibrahim addressed the gathering in Hausa language. He introduced the team members and the fellows. He explained who the fellows were and what the Fellowship was about. He emphasized on the duty to assist them as young African leaders. He humbly explained the constraints posed by limited resources and pledged further help in the future according to our capabilities. Finally he requested the IDPS to explain what their needs were in the event that some help may come our way to assist them.

The needs enumerated upon by the IDPS included, Roofing, window and door repairs, Evacuation of toilets, the need for the Improvement of waste management by providing bins, Food, clothing and extra care for children and equal distribution of goods by providers

After the initial interaction with the IDPs, The distribution of the items commenced.  However due to the very large number of turnout, It was a cumbersome process but eventually all the clothing items brought were judiciously distributed to the people and the blankets were distributed room to room to elderly women, Elderly men, nursing mothers and children. The distribution process ended at about 2:15pm.

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