Did you know?

  1. That whether you walk or run you burn 100 calories per mile (or 60 calories per km)
  2. That Butterflies taste with their feet
  3. Setting a good example can teach your child good table manners
  4. Before leaving the pharmacy you should read the label to make sure the instructions are same as the doctor’s.
  5. After age 2 growth remains steady until adolescence
  6. Overuse and misuse are two reasons why bacteria outsmart antibiotics
  7. Tonsils and adenoids help the body fight off infections
  8. Fluids can help thin mucus
  9. Growth is rapid during the first year of life
  10. Kids who eat breakfast tend to do better in school
  11. China produces more pigs than all other countries combined
  12. Weaning is just another name for starting your baby on solid foods
  13. You are not to give your baby solid foods before he/she is four months old
  14. Cervical cancer is preventable
  15. Immunization is a key component of preventive medicine
  16. You should never safe unused medication for later use
  17. Fresh fruits and vegetables need to be thoroughly washed
  18. Most colds go away on their own within two weeks
  19. If you miss a dose give it as soon as you remember it