Tips to Grow By – Fever Management

Ensure you check the temperature with a thermometer (normal range between 36.6 – 37.2 degree Celsius).

If the temperature gets to 38 degree Celsius.

  1. Expose the child by removing his/her cloth
  2. Tepid sponge or bathe the child with lukewarm water and don’t dry him/her up
  3. Give syrup Paracetamol 2.5mls for a child less than one year and 5ml for above 1-6 years.
  4. Most importantly, quickly take the child to the hospital, Childcare and Wellness Clinics, No. 7 Fez Street, Off Kumasi Crescent, Wuse II – is a wise choice and best destination for your child.

Note: Fever is not a disease or sickness, it is an indication that something is wrong in the body physiology.