Tips to Grow By – Immunisations


Diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and measles once killed thousands of children and caused countless misery for millions more. At one time, the only way to prevent these diseases was luck. But now, thanks to a strong commitment by parents and medical professionals, immunizations can protect your child from most of these diseases.

Immunization is not only good for the individual child; it’s good for all of us. If parents didn’t have their children immunized, we’d be back to fighting epidemics. And it’s a key component of preventive medicine. You’re giving your child protection from diseases that otherwise might bring pain, permanent damage or even death.


The vaccine schedule is changing yearly, as new vaccines are available to protect children from a variety of serious illnesses. The most current vaccine information statements (VIS) are available in the clinic.


All immunizations: Slight fever; soreness at injection site.

Dpt: Slight fever; irritability for one to two days; soreness and swelling at injection site.

MMR: Fever; possible rash; soreness at injection site; mild swelling of the glands of the neck; aching or swelling of joints.

Varicella (chickenpox): Fever; mild rash 10-21 days after immunization.