A global project is here in Nigeria to advocate for more inclusion of fathers maternal and child health. Nigeria joins the Family included Global Alliance with Childcare and Wellness Clinics is the principal partner of FamilyIncluded.com in Nigeria.

Family Included is a project which seeks to help actualize the WHO declaration on family inclusive maternal healthcare; it is carried out by Dad. Info which is a UK based information service for fathers that has worked closely with UK maternity and child services for many years, providing them with resources for their own users, both fathers and mother.
“WHO has declared family inclusive maternal healthcare to be one of five top global priorities, because when families (fathers and others) are included, the health of mother and baby improves.”

Last year, WHO published the evidence backing up family-inclusive care. Since then, we have been collating and sharing all new research at FamilyIncluded.com. We have started to develop the Family Included Global Alliance, bringing together practitioners and policymakers interested in supporting the “community of care” around each child. It is resourced by a growing body of relevant research and reports on successful approaches all over the world.

We can build this Network in Nigeria, linked into the global network so that Nigerian services can learn from researchers, practitioners and policy makers not just in Nigeria, but everywhere in the world and Nigeria can teach others around the world on the basis of its own advances and successes.

The project in Nigeria is proposed to include

• Training for professionals so that they become skilled and confident in working with men, couples and groups. These are vital components of family inclusive care, alongside the one-to-one support offered to the mother.

• Information for fathers about the importance of fatherhood for child welfare and how they can become fully engaged, overcoming the structural and cultural barriers that have formed around their role as careers. Also needed is information for mothers and all family members about the important role of fatherhood within the “community of care” that exists around every child.

• •Networks for health workers implementing family inclusive care, whereby they can receive advice and support directly and informally from peers. This peer networking is essential in providing continued support beyond start-up and training programmes.

• A forum for policy makers from government and civil society groups, where all aspects family inclusive care can be considered, in particular the common barriers that prevent its development. Previous experience of developing family inclusive care demonstrates that these barriers will become a primary focus of attention as the ideal of family inclusive care is pursued.


Family Included Nigeria team at Bwari General Hospital


Participants of an interactive section with Family Included Nigeria Team


CWC research team meets Mr Duncan Fisher OBE


Mr Duncan Fisher OBE of Family Included Global Alliance briefing the media


Family Included Nigeria team with the MD Bwari General Hospital, FCT