People’s Opinion of Us

“Service Satisfactory. A place to visit even when you are not a patient just to see how patients are being taken care of. May God continue to bless this Clinic and always sending his healing energy down here. Amen (so be it)”. AKV

“CWC is more than just a hospital, it’s such a nice place with good and hardworking staff. Please maintain the quality of your services”. ZIS


“I want to thank the staff of the Clinic, our stay here was excellent. They were polite and helpful and the medical care was excellent. It made a difficult experience a lot easier. Once again thank you”. Mrs MS


“First time on admission here was very well attended to. Doctors are very pleasant and communication was very good. Very impressed with general cleanliness of the environment. Do keep it up please”. Mrs. PP


“Everything is in perfect order, staffs are cordial, rooms are neat. Thank you. Your services are good. Great job” HML


“I was very happy with the service. Friendly staff, well trained. Please keep it up. Both myself and all my visitors were impressed with how clean the hospital is. Thank you”. Rahina


“I very much appreciate the way my baby was taken care of in your hospital. The services rendered are very very much appreciated too. The doctors especially are very good as well. The nurses and midwives are well trained. Everything is excellent”. Anonymous


“The clinic is very well maintained and the staff are professional and friendly. My stay has been comfortable and I have been well cared for. The environment is very clean! I especially appreciated the detail breakdowns given to me of not only my medical report but the bill as well. It was a nice touch to have my own ‘personal’ folder and to be ‘informed’. I would highly recommend this Clinic to friends and colleagues especially in the expatriate communities. This is the sort of Clinic many have been looking for in Abuja. Thank you for a lovely stay!” Ngozi (Mrs.)


“Well done! I am very much satisfied with your services, kind and friendly doctors, nurses cleaners and everybody I have met so far in this premises. More grease to your elbows and I wish you all God’s assistance. Thank you”. Mrs. Ibrahim


“Good service in general, neatness is also above average but the bedding should be changed (orthopedic mattresses, pillow protectors) may God help you keep it up”. Fatima


“The nursing care of the Clinic is excellent. The procedures and the laboratory activities are also prompt and above average. The doctors are well experience, caring as they put care of the child as a priority. The environment is very conducive and appreciative to children and parents at large. It has a comfortable and serene atmosphere that is specially created with the best interest of the child at heart. Also well ventilated, airy and spacious rooms for the children. As a Peadiatric Clinic we consider it as one of the best and advice the management to continue keeping it up to standard. General assessment of services, staff and supportive staff, environment – excellent.” KA