Celine C. ANOZIE

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Childcare and Wellness Clinics,
Administrative Department,
7 Fez Street Off Kumasi Crescent,
Wuse II, Abuja.

Healthcare Service Department

The Head of the Healthcare Service Department of the Clinic has seen to the establishment of several standard private hospitals and has worked with international projects such as Packard founded projects that cut across 46 local government areas and some States of the Federation. She has on also managed a well established hospital in the northeastern region Nigeria.

Celine C. Anozie is a driven young lady from the eastern part of the country, who has been to virtually all parts of the country. Celine has been extensively trained in public relations, financial accounting and budget implementation with over 9 years working experience in private and public sectors as well as international organizations.

A product of the Kano State Polytechnic with an Administrative background; Celine has copious notions and very resourceful.