For Ear, Nose and Throat Patients

Patients can only book for an appointment to see an ENT Consultant.

When parents/guardians bring their wards to the Clinic they are expected to meet the personnel at the front desk and indicate their interest to see the ENT Consultant.

The front desk personnel will require the patient’s data for registration as a new patient and bill the patient before logging in the patient to see the ENT Consultant.

They will be ushered in to see the doctor only after clearing with the front desk personnel.

During consultation, the parent/guardian/child (for those who can speak) will be asked some questions in order to make accurate diagnosis. The doctor will inform you of any necessary laboratory test to be carried out, should the need arise. During consultation a patient will be informed if he/she will be admitted into the Clinic or treated as an outpatient.

At the Laboratory a specialist will draw the specimen necessary for the test, bill patient for it and inform you of the time to collect the results. Laboratory Results are printed and given to patients.

The doctor makes a diagnosis based on the laboratory results gotten where necessary and sends you to the pharmacy. At the pharmacy drugs are given to you and billed.

All payments are made at the account section in order to carry out required services.

Subsequent visits do not require registration except another patient is using same folder.